Talk to Pikachu with your Echo Device!

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Many of us have little ones at our home and it seems we need to be more and more creative to keep them entertained. This week’s Amazon Echo weekly newsletter had a recommendation that caught my eye:

“Alexa, ask Pikachu to talk.”

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect so I walked myself to my Amazon Echo and gave it a try. It first asked me if I wanted to enable the skill, which I did. Next came something a bit unexpected or maybe not. My Echo allowed me to engage into a conversation with Pikachu! If you were expecting Pikachu to say engage in a meaningful dialogue, you will be disappointed. If you are familiar with Pokemon, the pocket monsters, as they are called, only speak through various tone of their own monster type. In this case, your Echo will have the mic on during the conversation and Pikachu will respond in sequences of “Pika”, “Pikachu”, “Pikapika” and more. My kids got excited and brought their Pikachu toys over and played with it for about an hour.

Another way to make good use of my Amazon Echo!