Amazon Fire TV – What live local or subscription channels are available

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Devices such as Fire TV, Google TV, Roku, smart tv’s, gaming devices, and others are offering quality programming. Combine this with services such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Youtube TV, you can get close to what cable and satellite offers.

For the longest time, cable and satellite companies had a strong grip at this industry and the prices continued to climb. If you wanted to watch channels such as CNN, TNT, AMC, ESPN, HDTV, HBO, you had to subscribe to cable or satellite. But now we have options.

Amazon Fire TV is a viable option for cord cutters as you can install respective apps to get live TV channels. Amazon is also partnering with more live sporting events.

  • Amazon has partnered with NFL to provide live stream of NFL Thursday Night Football for Prime members
  • Partnered with MLB to stream certain MLB games (barring blackout)
  • Partnered with Paramount+ to stream UEFA football (soccer) games
  • Partnered with NBA and WNBA to stream certain games and subscription
  • Partnered with MLS to stream soccer games