Amazon update enables control of Fire TV Cube from any Echo device

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My Fire TV Cube’s wake word is ‘Echo’ and my living room Echo’s work ware is ‘Alexa’. They are a mere 20 feet from each other and I frequently use the wrong wake word for the intended device. As long as I can remember since we’ve had the Fire TV Cube, we were only able to issue commands through the device itself. This has apparently changed.

Recently, I mistakenly summoned ‘Alexa’ to turn off the TV by mistake. Lo and behold, the TV turned off! We immediately noticed this and tried other commands for the TV such as changing the volume to changing the channels to the cable box and it all worked.

I’m not sure when this feature was rolled out. I read through the ‘What’s new with Alexa?” blog but didn’t notice anything. I may have missed it though.

Did you notice this update? What do you think?