Netflix to add video previews to next update

Netflix has done very well considering they have not made any major improvement to its user interface since late 2013. Netflix announced today that they will make some updates starting with today. One such improvement is the ability for users to view video previews when navigating through the menu screens. Currently, when you navigate through the interface to search for a movie to watch you get a static screen capture. After the update, you will be able to see a video. Kind a like what at its homepage.

Netflix feels this is to give a “more immersive and cinematic experience” giving users an easier way to select something to watch.

Personally, it helps as it will allow me to better recall where I last left off. Sometimes I simply forget and by viewing a video, it allows me to remember better.


Amazon Formally Announced FireTV

Amazon finally announced its much anticipated media console the Amazon TV! It is immediately available for $99 which is higher than other competitors. There was speculation that it would be called the FireTube as we did but it is officially called the amazon fireTV.

As of now, the fireTV has the same offering as other streaming devices such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, WasthESPN, Pandora, Showtime, and many others. The main advantage it has over other competitors is the availability of videos that comes with Amazon Prime membership.

Another neat feature is its voice search. Check it out here in action. They also boast of one of the more powerful streaming devices which is a plus considering you can use this to play games. it has a powerful quad core processor, dual-band, dual-antenna, dedicated GPU for graphics and 2GB of memory. It also has an ‘ASAP’ system where it predicts what content you may be interested in.

Will you buy it?