3rd generation Fire TV on the horizon?

There are rumors circulating that Amazon is preparing an announcement of the 3rd gen Fire TV around end of Sept / early Oct 2016. This makes sense as it would position them to max out sales and take advantage of the Christmas gift shopping season. Fire TV is a great gift for people of all ages. On top of this, Amazon will likely drop the price for the current Fire TV stick and 2nd gen Fire TV which will fuel a buying frenzy for people who want that it for their 2nd or 3rd tv in their own room or basement.

This is what I think Amazon will do for their 3rd gen fire TV.
-Improved internal memory from 8GB to 16GB
-Faster CPU
-Better integration and options to manage Alexa
-More home automation integration
-Ability to make purchase using voice remote

What would you like to see in the 3rd Gen Fire TV?