Amazon Fire Stick User Guide Manual

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If you have been searching online for Amazon’s own user guide manual for the Fire TV Stick, you came to the right place. The overwhelming trend for most electronic manufacturers are shipping their products without a manual. Instead, they include a quick setup guide on how to connect your device to get started then provide a link to the full instruction manual which will be available online. Amazon has their Fire TV stick user guide online which you may download or view online anytime.

Amazon Fire Stick User Guide

It is a pdf file so you will need an app / software that allows you to view Adobe Acrobat files. It has the following table of contents.

Fire TV Stick Basics

•Fire TV Stick Hardware Basics on page 5
•Navigate Your Amazon Fire TV Device on page 6
•Main Menu Basics on page 8
•Settings Basics on page 10
•Register or Deregister Your Amazon Fire TV Device on page 12
•Access & Remove Content on page 13
•Set Up Parental Controls on page 15
•Use Your Voice to Search Amazon Fire TV Devices on page 16
•Differences between Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick on page 17

Remote & Game Controller Basics

•Remote Basics on page 20
•Compatible Remotes for Amazon Fire TV Devices on page 26
•Game Controller Basics on page 27
•Pair a Remote or Game Controller on page 29

Fire TV Remote App Basics

•Fire TV Remote App Basics on page 31
•Download & Pair the Fire TV Remote App on page 33

Quick Fixes

•Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi on page 35
•Can’t Pair a Remote or Game Controller on page 36
•Video Issues on Your Amazon Fire TV Device on page 37
•Basic Troubleshooting for Amazon Fire TV Devices on page 38
•Can’t Pair the Fire TV Remote App on page 40

Set Up Fire TV Stick

•Get Started with Fire TV Stick on page 42
•Set Up Fire TV Stick Hardware on page 44
•Set Up a Wireless or Wired Connection on page 45
•Connect Your Amazon Fire TV Device to a Public Wi-Fi Network on page 46

Watch Movies & TV Shows

•Buy or Rent Movies & TV Shows on page 48
•Watch Movies & TV Shows on page 49
•Use an Amazon Fire TV Device as a Display Mirroring Destination on page 50
•Use an Amazon Fire TV Device with a Second Screen Device on page 51




12 thoughts on “Amazon Fire Stick User Guide Manual

  1. Alan Dobison says:

    My openbox was working great I then connected my Amazon Fire used it for 1 day then put my openbox back on – nothing it just would not work, don’t know why.

  2. Janice VanEtten says:

    I have constant issues with watching and actually starting a program. It does what I call digitizing(breaking up picture and freezing but sound sometimes continues.) Very frustrating, as I will have to stop and let if buffer, and continuosly do this throughout the show. Mostly happens on series shows. What can I do? And what can I do to set me TV for 720 p? Thanks

  3. Jerry Herbert says:

    I hit mike on fire stick remote and ask “launch netflix” and i get do not understand. how do i use voice command ? i am in bedroom and alexa is in living room. do i need echo dot in bedroom?

    • firetube admin says:

      Do you have a TV in your bedroom? If so, you need the fire tv stick in your bedroom. Otherwise, the remote will not work that far away in your device with alexa in your living room.

  4. Jane bishop says:

    I bought a Amazon Fire tv for my husband only to find out we can’t watch anything unless we pay for it. No history channel nothing we were getting on dish is free? That is not what was advertised.

  5. Sandra Mengel says:

    My Amazon Fire Stick has not worked all day. I unplug it to reboot it still nothing. It is saying ” Home is Currently Unavailable” “check your Network Settings” then it says Network (Disconnected) which is incorrect also since my signal strength is Very Good. I press my network and it says Connecting but it doesn’t. I’m at a loss.

  6. Ron Rellinger says:

    I installed Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice today and everything seems to be working OK, with the following exception. I don’t have subtitles. When I try to add them to a show that I am watching, I get ‘NO SUBTITLE SERVICES INSTALLED’. I need to know how to install subtitles. Can you help?

    • firetube admin says:

      Unfortunately, not all shows have subtitles. Have you had success with some shows and not others? If so, that is the reason. Or are all subtitles missing from all tv shows?

  7. JoAnn says:

    I would like to know how to command my FireStick to return from streaming to my regular tv (Direct Tv). Have tried several voice commands but not recognized.

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