2020 Amazon Prime Day Deal – How did you do?

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Were you looking forward to Amazon Prime Day best deals?

Amazon Prime day was scheduled for mid-July but was delayed due to the pandemic. This was the right decision in hindsight. The United States was just experiencing a 2nd spike in COVID-19 cases across. The last thing we wanted was to overcrowd Amazon Warehouses and slow down resources for essential items and deliveries for UPS, Whole Foods. But with loosening of restrictions and operations coming back to normal, we have our Prime Day!

For us, we didn’t have anything in mind so we rolled into Prime Day without having a huge need for anything. This allowed us to have a much more relaxed Prime Day. I recall a few years ago I was shopping for a TV and was bitter about missing a killer Samsung deal that was about 50% off retail. No more of that!

Here is what I bought:
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  1. Amazon Smart Plug ($5 – Regular $24.99)

We’ve had an Amazon Smart Plug that we purchased when they had the deal where you add to cart from your Amazon Echo. Well we did the same this time on Prime Day where we could make an Amazon Smart Plug purchase if we add to cart from the Echo. It was a no brainer. Right now we have this connected to my shrimp jarrarium where I can control the led lights through Alexa. Haven’t decided where I will use my 2nd one. I may use it for our Halloween decorations or Christmas lights so I don’t have to crouch over.

2. Amazon Echo Dot Kid’s Edition ($59.99)

Ok I splurged. There is a discount for $20 if you buy 2 but it was our son’s birthday and this is what he wanted. It arrived recently and they LOVE being able to control their bedroom lights using Alexa. I disabled it from 10pm – 8am. I may regret this purchase 🙂

Love to hear your strategy on how to get the best deals on Amazon Prime day for 2021! What do you want to see next year or for Black Friday?



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